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Album - Find Our Way

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Find Our Way - Shari Ulrich

Track List

  1. Find Our Way (Lyrics)

  2. Why Can't We Get Along (Lyrics)

  3. By the Grace of Goodbye (Lyrics)

  4. Everlasting Great Regret

  5. Life Goes On (Lyrics)

  6. Living Water (Lyrics)

  7. (Now You're) Gone (Lyrics)

  8. What She Left For Us (Lyrics)

  9. Rolling River (Lyrics)

  10. (You Will Always Be) My Friend

Find Our Way

We seem to like to pretend it doesn't happen, but for virtually ALL couples, the passion wanes. And as you know, if there's a subject folks don't like to talk about, I'll be writing a song about it!

Why Can’t We Get Along

I was on a college campus in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Vietnam war, heavily involved in the Peace Movement. Needless to say, it formed my view of war & peace. I was ready to toss this song when Julia heard it and said “you HAVE to finish it!!” (She wants me to send it to the Dixie Chicks.) That girl's got good ears. Thanks Jules.

By The Grace of Goodbye

Since I started performing this song about finding the son I gave up for adoption, I have been deeply moved by the countless stories shared with me after concerts by those whose lives have been touched by adoption. I am pondering a book on the subject, so please keep sharing your stories with me. It is a profound experience to have the mystery solved and to be able to expand on the undeniable connection. 

Everlasting Great Regret

I spent a week writing at a friend's house on Saltspring Island awhile back (that magical island where I wrote my first three solo albums) and came home with this song. There should be “Regretters Anonymous”, though I guess I've blown the anonymous part. I finally decided to just befriend it. 

Life Goes On

The expression is so trite, and yet there is nothing more true. This song is a testament to the human spirit that rises above tragedy and miraculously finds a way through to carry on. 

Living Water

This song was an 'assignment' - to read the 'coles notes' version of 5 different biblical stories and pick one as the subject of a song. I wasn't raised with religion, so it was all new to me. I picked The Woman at the Well because despite her 'tart'ness - (she'd had five husbands!) - she knew forgiveness. I like that.

(Now You’re) Gone

This is the sequel to “I Will Be There” and the only song I've ever written with a punch line. Sometimes it seems that figuring out how our parents screwed us up - or how we screwed up our kids is our life's work - or sport. 

What She Left For Us

Some of you have known this song for a long time. I'm so happy to be able to finally be able to give it to you. 

Rolling River

I scored a film recently called “The River of Life”, about the women breast cancer survivors who paddle in the Yukon River Quest” every year - the longest canoe and kayak race in the world. I was so inspired and moved by their stories, their courage, and the strength require to tackle the challenges, both in and out of the boat. The women were surely working in me when I found the lyrics to this song.

(You Will Always Be) My Friend

I had no intention of recording anyone else's songs on this CD, but when my long time dear friend Bruce Miller sent me this one, it seemed so perfect for this time in my life. Bruce is one of the very first musicians I met in Vancouver when I started playing music over 35 years ago. He is also one of the most gifted writers I know. Given our friendship, my recent experience connecting with a number of great friends from high school, and how my treasured friendships have sustained and nurtured me over the years, I knew this was a song I wanted to sing.


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